How to Set Up My iCloud Photo Stream

The purpose of the iCloud Photo Stream is to have all of your images synchronize automatically in all of your devices for easy access wherever we are. Once you turn on the iCloud Photo Stream every photo you take will be uploaded to your iCloud (Using your mobile data or Wifi ) and shared across all of your selected devices. This feature is available for all Apple devices, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and some others such as Windows PC.

icloud photo stream

iCloud Photo Stream

There are many ways to activate your Photo Stream and it depends on your IOS or Operative system

1. In iOS 8

Go to Settings from your home screen -> iCloud>Photos -> Turn on My Photo Stream

2. In iOS 7

Go to Settings from your home screen -> Photos & Camera -> Turn on My Photo Stream

3. In Apple TV

Press the button at the center of your Apple TV remote and follow the instructions on the screen. Enter your Apple ID and password and go to iCloud Photo Settings -> Press center button once again -> Turn on My Photo Stream -> Press center button again

4.  Macbook using iPhoto

Open the iPhoto app -> Source List -> iCloud -> Use iCloud

If you change your mind or wish to change anything, open your iPhoto app -> Preferences -> iCloud

5. Macbook using Aperture

Open the Aperture app -> Preferences -> iCloud -> Switch My Photo Stream on

Another commodity that comes with this feature is the ability to Share My Photo Stream, through this we will be able to share our pictures and videos simultaneously with our selected family and friends. This feature is a great time saver when it comes to sharing party pictures etc, it will save the hassle of creating multiple emails or messages to share all of the photos. Also, once you have shared the images and/or videos the people whom you shared it with have the ability to post comments and add additional pictures and videos to the same album. Here is how to activate this :

  1. Select edit and choose the pictures and videos that you wish to share
  2. Create a new shared folder or add the pictures to a pre-existing one
  3. Invite your friends/family to subscribe to the shared folder and you’re all set

There are several limitations that comes with iCloud Photo Sharing in general, you can take as many pictures and videos as your device’s GB allow you to but you are only allowed to upload 1,000 photos to your Photo Stream per hour, up to 10,000 per day and up to 25,000 per month. Given those very kind limitations most of us will be just fine. Learn how to Create iCloud Account.

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